Performance, enhanced.

Technodramatists create technologically augmented theatre productions and develop innovative performance and storytelling tools.

Technodramatists Performance Laboratory provides a fascinating view of the latest in face-sync and avatar technologies and their potential applications in the performing arts.
— DC Metro Arts
If you are intrigued by technology, or have an interest in where things are headed for live performance, including the performances we all put on with our own electronics every day, see this show.
— The Front Row Center
Technodramatists Performance Laboratory offers us a moving picture of the future.
— The Front Row Center

Technodramatists harness the power of emerging technologies (augmented reality, artificial intelligence motion capture etc), creating performance tools that vastly expand the boundaries of the theatrical experience.

Our tools are accessible, affordable and have applications in entertainment, keynoting and education.

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WeARlive brings professional quality motion capture into the hands of artists and performers without the prohibitive cost and cumbersome hardware of traditional solutions.

Using only an iPhone actors, storytellers and keynote speakers can control and sync their facial movements to 3d avatars.

As the first realtime face-sync application designed specifically for live performance, weARlive provides a fully customizable experience, featuring 3d models, interactive backgrounds and special effects, all of which can be controlled by the user’s facial expressions alone.

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Theater makers and technicians can enhance reality, create new modes of storytelling and redefine the audience experience.

3d images, animations and sounds are overlaid on top of performers on stage, allowing audience members—when they peer through their devices—to see and interact with the digital and real-world simultaneously.