Thank you for coming to Technodramatists Performance Laboratory.

More augmented reality theater, face sync improv and performance innovations coming soon.

“Technodramatists Performance Laboratory provides a fascinating view of the latest in face-sync and avatar technologies and their potential applications in the performing arts.”
— DC Metro Arts
If you are intrigued by technology, or have an interest in where things are headed for live performance, including the performances we all put on with our own electronics every day, see this show.
— The Front Row Center
Technodramatists Performance Laboratory offers us a moving picture of the future.
— The Front Row Center
TECHNODRAMATISTS PERFORMANCELABORATORY is an experiential adventure. Go and marvel at the possibilities of technology and art.
— Electronic Link
Not only were the actors able to play roles which we usually don’t see on stage, but the audience was able to further immerse themselves in the performance, creating a unique experience.
— LIVE Online
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Technodramatists is a theatre and technology company that integrates existing and emerging technologies into live performance. By focusing on storytelling over spectacle, we create theatrical experiences that engage, entertain, and energize contemporary audiences.